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Revolutionizing Security Screening for a Safer Today 

Traditional security screening methods, such as metal detectors, manual bag checks, and wanding, are no longer sufficient in addressing today's dynamic threats. The ever-evolving security landscape demands a more innovative and effective approach to physical security screening.

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Recognizing Potential Gun Threats Before It's Too Late

With the increasing prevalence of gun violence, it is essential to take proactive measures to address this urgent issue. This is where the AI-powered platform comes into play, offering a comprehensive solution that combines gun detection, verification, activation, and notification.

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Enhancing Emergency Response

By maximizing every critical second, our solutions enable organizations to quickly and proactively respond to emergencies, ultimately reducing the risk to individuals and ensuring a coordinated and effective response. With our platform, organizations can have peace of mind knowing that they have the tools and technology in place to keep their people safe and secure in any emergency.

What To Expect

How Our Process Works

Our process for installing weapons systems involves thoroughly assessing the specific requirements and capabilities of the system being installed.

Initial Consultation

System Design

Solution Presentation & Overview

System Set-Up & Installation

Customer Training & On-Going Support

Initial Consultation

As a weapons detection company, our first step in the installation process is to conduct a thorough assessment of the client's facility to determine the best placement for the detection equipment. This involves identifying high-traffic areas, potential entry points, and any other areas of concern where weapons may be brought into the premises.

System Design

Following a thorough needs analysis, we move on to the system design phase. In this step, our team of experts uses the insights gained from the initial consultation to draft a customized design for your weapons detection system.

Solution Presentation & Overview

Once the system design is finalized, we present you with the proposed solution, offering a comprehensive overview of the system's components, capabilities, and how it addresses your security needs.

System Set-Up & Installation

With the design approved, our professional installation team takes charge of setting up your new weapons detection system. This phase involves the physical installation of hardware, configuration of software, and integration of the system components into a cohesive, fully functional security apparatus.

Customer Training & On-Going Support

The final step in our process is to ensure that you and your staff are fully trained in the operation and maintenance of the weapons detection system. This training includes hands-on sessions to familiarize your team with the system's features, how to interpret alerts, and the proper response protocols.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Is there a device that can detect guns?


Yes, several devices can detect guns, such as metal detectors, x-ray machines, and thermal imaging cameras. These devices are commonly used in security settings, such as airports, schools, and government buildings, to help detect and prevent the presence of firearms.

Q How does weapons detection work?


Weapons detection systems utilize metal detectors, X-ray scanners, and millimeter wave imaging to identify and locate weapons on individuals or in bags. Metal detectors detect metal objects like guns or knives, X-ray scanners create detailed images of bag contents, and millimeter wave imaging uses radio waves to create 3D images of scanned individuals to identify hidden weapons.

Q What is AI weapons detection?


AI weapons detection refers to the use of artificial intelligence technology to identify and detect weapons in various environments, such as airports, public spaces, or military installations. This technology uses machine learning algorithms to analyze images or video footage and automatically flag any objects that resemble weapons, helping to enhance security measures and prevent potential threats.


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