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Advanced Technology For Concealed Weapons Detection & Screening

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OPENGATE Weapons Detection

Discover the revolutionary OPENGATE Weapons Detection system, delivering the highest throughput for screening individuals with backpacks, purses, and bags. This state-of-the-art technology ensures fast, automatic, and unprecedented screening without divesting luggage.

OPENGATE excels in extreme transit flow environments, maintaining near-zero nuisance alarms. With a lightweight design, weighing only 25 lbs., it can be set up in under a minute, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor operations.

OpenGate Weapons Systems Benefits

OPENGATE is revolutionizing security screening with its innovative, fully open, active walk-through detection system, uniquely composed of two freestanding pillars without mechanical or electrical connections.

Unlike traditional metal detector gates, OPENGATE® offers unparalleled portability and elegance, requiring no installation, adjustment, or assembly procedures. Its proprietary arch-free design and embedded electronics eliminate the necessity for a crossbar, allowing for seamless operation.

The system features acoustic and optical signals at the top of the pillars for real-time status and alarm indications, which remain visible even in direct sunlight.

Powered by either lithium-ion batteries or a standard 110v wall outlet, OPENGATE® is highly versatile, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use across various high-traffic locations like stadiums, theme parks, hospitals, museums, theaters, and transportation hubs.

With extremely high throughput and an integrated high-precision transit counter, it ensures faster screening of individuals carrying bags, backpacks, and purses.

Weighing only 25 pounds and boasting a setup time of less than one minute, OPENGATE® is exceptionally easy to relocate and install. Detection and signaling parameters can be conveniently configured via the OPENGATE® App, which is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

This cutting-edge system is now available for order, offering a superior solution for efficiently screening large crowds in public spaces.


OPENGATE is a revolutionary, portable, and wire-free weapons detection system that weighs only 25 pounds and features comfortable handles for hassle-free relocation. Ideal for public areas lacking dedicated safety entrances, it offers quick setup and storage without disrupting business.

Its wire-free design allows for flexible placement, even in outdoor venues, withstanding harsh weather and operating all day with dual-battery slots for uninterrupted service.

Setting up within a minute, OPENGATE handles large crowds efficiently, detecting firearms with high precision and low false detection rates for everyday metal objects. Isotec Security proudly offers this advanced system, along with our other security solutions like Mantrap Security Doors and Automated Security Doors. For inquiries, pricing, or leasing options, please reach out to us!


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