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What is the Omnilert Gun Detect Software?

The Omnilert Gun Detect Software is an AI-powered visual gun detection system that integrates with existing security cameras to provide an early detection solution for gun threats. It analyzes footage in fractions of a second to identify potential threats and sends an alert for human verification. This system can be monitored through Omnilert's services or a facility's security operations center.

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Streamline Your Operations with Our All-in-One Solution: Hardware, AI Software, & Monitoring Services

The Omnilert Gun Detect Appliance offers a cost-effective and user-friendly solution for facilities of any size, with the ability to easily install and maintain whether there are 10 cameras or 10,000 spread across multiple locations.

It combines all necessary components in one convenient package, including hardware, software, monitoring services, integrations, and connections to public safety answering points. Additionally, Omnilert supports deployments using rack-mounted servers or other equipment chosen by the customer.

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How does the Omnilert system respond to detected threats?

Upon detecting a threat, the system automates the response by activating emergency response plans and systems with the press of a button. This includes sending detailed situational intelligence to police and onsite security teams and broadcasting alerts through various channels like mobile safety apps, social media, PA systems, and digital signage. Additionally, it activates security measures such as locking doors, sounding alarms, changing lighting, and indicating evacuation routes.

Omnilert Active Shooter and Gun Detection Benefits

Omnilert's AI-powered visual Gun Detection Software provides a reliable and 24/7 solution for early gun detection. By leveraging your existing security cameras, their software can quickly identify a gun threat and send an alert for human verification.

Whether you use Omnilert monitoring services or your own security operations center, our system ensures that potential threats are detected promptly. In an active shooter situations, Omnilert's Emergency Communications and Automation Platform can automate your response to save lives. By activating emergency response plans and systems with a button, our platform provides detailed situational intelligence to police and onsite security teams for a rapid and effective response.

We specialize in installing these systems for end users, ensuring that your facility has the necessary technology to enhance safety and security measures.

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Omnilert Weapons Detection FAQs

Q What does the Omnilert Gun Detect Software do?


It uses AI to detect guns via security cameras and sends alerts for human verification.

Q How does the system react when it detects a gun?


It automates emergency responses, sends intelligence to authorities, and activates security measures like locking doors and sounding alarms.

Q What are the advantages of AI in gun detection during emergencies?


AI enhances early threat detection and speeds up the response, potentially saving lives during incidents.


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